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Little Ducklings Pre-School

There have been some changes to the Early Years curriculum

The new Early Years Foundation Stage 2012 Statutory Guidance and progress checks for children (aged two) was approved by the government as a document to affect how pre-schools and nurseries support children. 
If you wish to know more, please see the Department of Education website
www.education.gov.uk  and www.foundationyears.org.uk

for information.

The Early Years Foundation Stage - Development Matters focuses on


  • a unique child
  • positive relationships
  • enabling environments

Together these provide experiences and opportunities to support learning and development.

Our staff conduct planning using these aims and principles, as set out in the new framework document, to give balanced choice of structured activities for all children.  We have a new activity based on the prime and specific areas of the new curriculum. 
Young children are set and achieve targets. There are on-going
observations and checks on each child; parents are informed how their child is progressing through meetings with the Key-person, information sheets and reports sent home.

To support identification of a child's development needs, there is a specific learning and progress check at the age of 2 years.

Characteristics for effective learning are:

Playing and exploring
finding out and exploring
playing with what they know
being willing to 'have a go'

Active learning - motivation
being involved and concentrating
keep trying
enjoying achieving what they set out to do

Creating and thinking critically
having their own ideas
making links

choosing ways to do things

These characteristics are split into categories.  The most important for this age-range are listed in the Prime Areas and through play, involve the children in speaking, listening, being active and sociable towards others. 

Alongside these areas are our own outcomes

  • Staying Safe – the nursery has a secure and contained large garden, which is constantly monitored. We regularly check and clean all toys and equipment. The children are always overseen and guided by qualified staff. We follow all Health & Safety guidance / regulations.
  • Being Healthy – the nursery provides healthy nutritious snacks and meals. We provide safe but stimulating physical activities both inside and out. All staff are qualified first aiders.
  • Enjoying & Achieving – the nursery is a warm and welcoming environment for all the children.  Activities are guided by staff but the children’s opinion and preferences are always adhered to.  Children’s numerous achievements are praised, noted and shared with peers and parents.
  • Making a Positive Contribution – the nursery actively promotes all the positive acts that are carried out in the nursery by children, staff, parents and visitors.
  • Achieving Child Well-Being – the nursery is a positive first step for all the children in their journey to be self-possessed, confident, caring and eventual contributors to society.  We screen children to assess their well-being and involvement levels (Laevers: 1977).  For this we look at how the child has settled and makes friends, their concentration, complexity & creativity, persistence, reaction time, self-satisfaction, energy, facial expression & composure and precision.
    Parents receive written and oral feedback from us to let you know what your child has achieved and/or played with each day, plus information on toileting and food eaten.  Keyworkers are keen to help with information.  New parents sometimes wish to call us during the day to see if the child has settled.  We are happy to provide this service.