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Little Ducklings Pre-School
Pre-School Constitution
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General information:
Little Ducklings Pre-School (Barnwell) first opened in 2012.  We are a privately run pre-school and are not part of a chain.  Our principles and rules guide staff decisions and achieve rational outcomes, as set out in our Policies.  These are available for parents and visitors to look at in pre-school (specific policies can be emailed to you on request).  Little Ducklings' procedures, policies and protocols have been adapted from the Pre-School Learning Alliance models by the manager and staff.

Little Ducklings Pre-School (Barnwell) is:

  •      insured through the Pre-School Learning Alliance
  •      a registered Charity; Registered Charity Number: 1147296
  •      registered with OFSTED


Funding for your 2-year old?    To find if you meet the conditions and requirements, please use the Northamptonshire County Council online eligibility checker:  www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/2yearfunding
If you are eligible you will be issued a number to pass to us to gain your funding.

ALL children aged 3-5 years are eligible for the FREE 15-hours 'entitlement' funding paid for by the local education authority.  To gain this funding you will need to fill in the form (please ask in pre-school) and provide your child's birth certificate and a household bill showing your current home address.  We will need to keep a copy of these for when the local authority checks our files.
Please note that your child only receives this after they have had their 3rd birthday. If a term has begun, you are not eligible until the following term.

Dates of birth between 1st September and 31st December will be funded for the spring term onwards; 1st January to 31st March will get funding from the start of the summer term onwards; 3rd birthdays falling between 1st April and 31st August will be eligible for the autumn term 15-hour entitlement funding.

This funding can be split between two settings as long as the number of hours needed per week is filled in on the forms at each pre-school setting.  (See below for chart showing term dates.)


The food hygiene rating inspection result given to us reflect the standards of food hygiene found on the date of inspection or visit by the local authority.



Food hygiene rating is ‘5’: Very good
National (Early Years Foundation Stage) Curriculum
For more information on the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2012) please download (free) from www.pre-school.org.uk/whats-new/new-eyfs. The Department of Education framework for pre-schools and childcare providers sets the standards for learning, development and care.  It also gives teachers of early years children guidance for assessment, plus safeguarding and welfare requirements.